4 Risks of Driving Your Truck with an Uneven Load

Posted on: 22 June 2016

Many trucks are used as working vehicles, and even those that aren't are commonly called upon to fetch and carry larger items at least a few times each year. Most drivers know not to overload their truck and will take pains not to, but not many of them understand the problems that can come along with loading the bed unevenly. This simply means that you'll have more weight on one side of the bed than the other. [Read More]

Three Main Types of 4WD Lifting

Posted on: 27 May 2016

While straight from the factory, a normal 4WD car will have enough clearance for regular driving in normal roads. But when you're driving on steep or rocky terrain you may begin to feel the need to raise your car and give it ample clearance below. This is where 4WD lift kits come into play. Lift kits enable you to raise your car several considerable inches above ground to enable easier driving under several conditions such as deep ruts, rough terrain, or even steep slopes. [Read More]

3 Sure Signs Your Car's Radiator Needs Repair Service

Posted on: 21 April 2016

The radiator plays a central role in ensuring that your car is cooling properly. It is, however, not always easy to detect radiator damage because it takes many different forms. Armed with a little knowledge about signs indicating radiator trouble, you stand a better chance of knowing when your car is facing radiator problems and needs repair service. Here are 3 sure signs indicating your radiator requires attention. Presence of leaks [Read More]

Hiring a minibus for your grandparent's funeral

Posted on: 20 November 2015

When elderly relatives die, it's a reason for many members of the extended family to gather around and comfort each other. If you are looking for some ways to ease the logistics of the day, then hiring a minibus to help transport everyone around is a great idea for the following reasons. Everyone will get there on time If you have people coming from all different cities who are not necessarily familiar with your home town, it can be easy to misjudge how long it will take to get to locations. [Read More]