How does wheel alignment affect your safety and that of other road users?

Posted on: 15 February 2017

As a driver and a vehicle owner, one of the most important considerations, as you drive along any road, is your safety, that of your passengers, and that of other road users. One of the factors that will contribute towards enhancing or compromising the safety discussed above is the alignment condition of your vehicle's wheels at every given moment in time. The wheel alignment plays a pivotal role in the overall safety of your car. [Read More]

Tips to Getting the Most out of Your Caravan during Family Adventure

Posted on: 14 February 2017

Occasionally, you may want to take your family out on an adventure trip. While you can enjoy such a trip cruising in your personal sedan, a caravan is much better. However, before you set out on the adventure, you need to put a couple of things into perspective in order to get the most out of your caravan trip experience. The following are tips you can apply to ensure your trip is both enjoyable and safe. [Read More]

Two things you can do to ensure your vehicle stays in excellent condition

Posted on: 13 February 2017

Vehicle breakdowns can be both stressful and expensive. If you'd like to avoid this experience, read on to learn about two of the most effective ways to keep your car in excellent condition. Prioritise servicing Skipping your servicing appointments is a false economy; a car which is not serviced on a regular basis will have a much shorter lifespan than one which is. It's also likely to cost the owner more in fuel consumption and will be at greater risk of unexpected, costly breakdowns. [Read More]

Car Towing: Why Flatbed Towing Is So Popular

Posted on: 10 February 2017

Most people fear finding themselves being stranded by the roadside because of a broken down car, and you are probably no different. If the problem with your car can be fixed on the spot, a roadside assistance service will help you get back on the road so that you can proceed with your trip. But if the problem cannot be identified and remedied there and then, your car may need to be towed to an auto repair shop for specialised diagnostics and repair. [Read More]