Hiring a minibus for your grandparent's funeral

Posted on: 20 November 2015

When elderly relatives die, it's a reason for many members of the extended family to gather around and comfort each other. If you are looking for some ways to ease the logistics of the day, then hiring a minibus to help transport everyone around is a great idea for the following reasons.

Everyone will get there on time

If you have people coming from all different cities who are not necessarily familiar with your home town, it can be easy to misjudge how long it will take to get to locations. Even locals may not be familiar with the location of funeral homes and cemeteries in your city. If you have some non-drivers attending, it also means they don't need to manage public transport or expensive taxis which makes it an easier and more affordable option for your guests. (This can be particularly relevant if your grandparent had some friends or relatives with mobility restrictions that might like to attend). Once people have traveled all this way to be at a funeral, they don't want to end up missing part of the ceremony or holding up proceedings by turning up late.

People can get home safely

If you are planning to have a wake, many guests may want to have some alcoholic beverages. Having a minibus organised and a dedicated driver means that they can spend the time connecting and remembering your grandparent, without running into issues trying to get back to their hotel or home safely. 

Even for those that aren't drinking funerals can be emotional occasions, and driving home when overcome with grief may not be safe so getting a ride in a minibus is a much better idea.

It's affordable

If you have people who are already making long journeys to be at the funeral, on a limited budget, then offering a minibus helps to relieve some of the financial pressure of attending the funeral. Between inner city paid parking, car hire or taxi fares this can add a large burden especially if some of the guests are on fixed incomes such as the aged pension. This is a great way to allow the family to gather together for this important occasion.

Many minibus hire companies hire out buses with or without drivers, so you can choose the option that best suits your family situation. Why not call and organise a minibus hire now, and cross one more thing off the list of things to worry about at this stressful time?