• Two things you can do to ensure your vehicle stays in excellent condition

    Vehicle breakdowns can be both stressful and expensive. If you'd like to avoid this experience, read on to learn about two of the most effective ways to keep your car in excellent condition. Prioritise servicing Skipping your servicing appointments is a false economy; a car which is not serviced on a regular basis will have a much shorter lifespan than one which is. It's also likely to cost the owner more in fuel consumption and will be at greater risk of unexpected, costly breakdowns. [Read More]

  • Car Towing: Why Flatbed Towing Is So Popular

    Most people fear finding themselves being stranded by the roadside because of a broken down car, and you are probably no different. If the problem with your car can be fixed on the spot, a roadside assistance service will help you get back on the road so that you can proceed with your trip. But if the problem cannot be identified and remedied there and then, your car may need to be towed to an auto repair shop for specialised diagnostics and repair. [Read More]

  • Tyre Alignment: The Various Benefits Your Vehicle Will Reap

    When it comes to tyre alignment, you will find that some motorists do not consider this as part of routine maintenance for their vehicle. As such, it should be surprising to find that some vehicles develop problems such as uneven wearing of tyres on a consistent basis it should be noted that tyre misalignment does not simply affect your vehicle's wheels. Below are some of the different benefits that your vehicle will reap with routine tyre alignment. [Read More]

  • When Your Car May, or May Not, Need Immediate Servicing

    It's never good to overlook signs of needed servicing when it comes to your vehicle. Ignoring needed repairs can mean that your car suffers serious damage every mile or kilometre you drive it. In turn, your eventual repair bills may be much worse, or you may actually ruin the engine and other major parts. On the other hand, some signs of needed repair aren't always as urgent as you might think. [Read More]

  • Two things you can do to prevent your vehicle from breaking down

    A car breakdown isn't just inconvenient; it can also be very costly. If you'd like to avoid the expense of paying for a tow truck and auto mechanical repairs, here are some things you can do to ensure your vehicle runs smoothly when you're on the road. Look after the battery One of the most common causes of car breakdowns is a dead battery. As such, you can greatly reduce the chance of this situation cropping up simply by taking care of this particular component. [Read More]

  • Why More Australians Are Ditching Long Haul Holidays for Caravan Escapes

    If you are like many Australian families, you may be used to spending your annual holiday at a resort in some far-flung destination. You may rightly want to get away from the day-to-day grind all around you and seek out new fun, but with that type of adventure comes a lot of hassle. What can you do to change this and make your family getaway truly count this year? Long Haul Versus Close-Up [Read More]

  • Getting Your Car Repaired After an Accident: What to Expect from Your Insurance Company

    Having your vehicle repaired after an accident can be expensive, but this is where your insurance company comes in. Dealing with your insurance company after an accident doesn't have to be complicated, and your vehicle should be repaired by a mechanic (and will quickly be back on the road) without too much fuss. So what can you expect? Can You Choose Your Own Mechanic? It's wise to contact your insurance company immediately after your vehicle has been damaged. [Read More]

  • How to Choose Between Fabric and Leather Covers for Your Car Seats

    Purchasing new car seat covers can improve the interior appearance of your car while protecting the original fabric of the seats from wear. The material you choose for your new car seat covers will determine their durability, functionality, and appearance in the long run. For this reason, it is important to compare the materials before making the choice. The two common materials used in making car seat covers are fabric and leather. [Read More]

  • Car maintenance 101 | Keeping your battery alive during winter

    When it's winter time, nothing comes quite close to the disappointment felt when your vehicle fails to start. More often than not, the fault is a dead battery. The reason is pretty simple; the cold temperatures experienced are hard on your car batteries. The power output and recharge capabilities of the battery drop considerably in low temperatures. Furthermore, the load exerted is much higher since starting your car engine when it's cold requires a lot of power. [Read More]

  • Some Commonly Asked Questions About a Car's Gearbox Repairs

    A car's gearbox and entire transmission system is very important, as of course you can't drive your car if you can't switch gears or if the car constantly slides from one gear to another. Ignoring needed repairs can mean allowing a problem to get worse so that the transmission may simply burn up completely and need complete replacing, whereas addressing these problems early on can mean more affordable repairs overall. Note some commonly asked questions about a car's gearbox repairs so you know what to discuss with your mechanic and what to expect with those repairs. [Read More]