Why More Australians Are Ditching Long Haul Holidays for Caravan Escapes

Posted on: 3 February 2017

If you are like many Australian families, you may be used to spending your annual holiday at a resort in some far-flung destination. You may rightly want to get away from the day-to-day grind all around you and seek out new fun, but with that type of adventure comes a lot of hassle. What can you do to change this and make your family getaway truly count this year?

Long Haul Versus Close-Up

There's no doubt that those all-inclusive package holidays still need a considerable amount of planning and still involve the chore of getting there. Airline travel is far from streamlined and the experience of trying to get through a busy airport is sometimes like getting your teeth pulled. It's little wonder that many families say that the actual travel component is spoiling the holiday for them. In fact, this type of experience can be so jarring that it makes the parents yearn for some simpler family cohesion.

Bearing all of this in mind, it's little surprise that caravanning holidays are really taking off across Australia. This type of break focuses on freedom, flexibility and adventure and much less on stress and uncertainty.

Creature Comforts

Even though you won't be staying in 'fancy' accommodations, you're able to kit your caravan out just as you want it and this can include some of those creature comforts from home. In this way, the holiday is not such a break from tradition and doesn't take quite as much getting used to.

Cost Saving

You've also got to take into account the costs involved. While you certainly have to invest some money to buy a caravan, you can depreciate its value over many years. This means that the typical caravan holiday is going to be considerably less than a package holiday to a far-off destination when you compare like-for-like. You can even take the family dog or cat with you too, which is a big hassle when you've got airlines and hotel stays involved.

Making the Comparison

If you want to use your annual holiday to resurrect the family spirit and to help everyone get to know each other again, nothing can compare to a caravan holiday. You will feel refreshed, re-engaged and ready to take on the world when you get back from your trip.

Check out caravans for sale to get a better idea of what size you'll need and what sort of features and amenities are necessary for you to have a great holiday.