Factors to Consider When Using a Heavy Haulage Company

Posted on: 17 February 2017

Heavy haulage is the business concept of transporting a lot of goods using trucks. It is common for both individual and corporate functions. It is effective for companies to hire a heavy haulage company rather than transporting their goods using their own drivers and vehicles. The cost is minimized since the company will be excluded from any maintenance fee for the trucks. Time is also saved as they do not have to make the same trip severally. The type and nature of goods to be transported will determine the kind and features of vehicles to be used. The heavy haulage company ensures that the products are safely loaded on and off the truck. Below are factors that one ought to consider prior to procuring the services of a heavy haulage company:

Handling of the goods or equipment

Most companies that hire a heavy haulage company are critical about the special handling of the equipment; otherwise, they would consider doing it. Heavy duty equipment can result in unwanted and high costs when damaged. It is important to enquire about availability of special handling to ensure that the equipment or goods arrive safely. The special handling will differ among equipment or goods.

Your schedule

Unlike the average freight companies, a heavy haulage company has a lesser number of tracks, meaning that their delivery may take more time. Therefore, you need to plan and be confident of when you need the equipment delivered. This preparation will assist in arranging for transport early. Once you have selected a heavy haulage company, enquire about their delivery schedule. Doing this will help to align both schedules to a convenient time, thus avoiding any delays. Either of the parties can adjust their schedule to suit the primary objective.

Insurance coverage

It is essential for every transport company to have cargo insurance. The goods or equipment being transported are prone to damage or theft. Lack of an insurance coverage may lead to unwanted costs and lawsuits in case of loss or damage. Ask about the cost of available insurance and if the company will adequately compensate in a case of loss or damage. The extent of insurance coverage in your areas of geographical interests during transportation should also be in question.

A heavy haulage company is efficient and is recommended for individuals and enterprises moving heavy equipment. Comparing the different offers among companies will help in achieving a satisfactory state. Consider the historical performance and testimonials of the company before hiring.