How to Select the Best Off Road Tyres

Posted on: 27 February 2017

The huge variety of off-road tyres that are available on the market may seem daunting for an inexperienced truck owner to navigate. Read on and discover some of the qualities that you should pay attention to when you are buying off-road tyres for the first time.

Minimal Noise

ome off-road tyres can emit high levels of noise when they are being used on asphalt roads. Others are designed to emit minimal levels of noise on the asphalt. Why is it important for you to think about the noise level when the tyres are used on the asphalt and yet your interest is in off-road performance? You will have to drive on regular roads in order to reach the dirt roads where the off-road tyres are intended to perform exceptionally. Secondly, you may use your 4x4 vehicle to commute regularly within an urban setting. It is therefore imperative that you select off-road tyres that have a larger surface area and tighter inner voids on the treads. Such tyres will be minimally noisy on asphalt roads. Compare different brands on these attributes and select the brand or model that meets this criteria.

Ability to Self-Clean

Traction in muddy terrain can begin to reduce if your off-road tyres are unable to clean themselves as you drive. The reduced traction stems from the mud that occupies the space between the treads to the extent that tyre contact with the ground is reduced. Self-cleaning treads have the ability to shed off the mud that keeps entering the gaps in the treads. This self-cleaning ability is made possible by the larger outer voids on those treads. You therefore stand a higher chance of better handling muddy ground if you select tyres with large outer voids.

Tread Block Size

Compare the size of the tread blocks on the different off-road tyres available before you select the ones to buy for your truck. Off-road tyres with larger tread blocks offer greater traction because they can grip onto any irregular surface or object. Larger tread blocks also increase the total surface area of the tyres that can retain contact with the ground. Thus, your off-road driving experience will stand a higher chance of being hassle-free if you select tyres with large tread blocks.

You will increase your chances of being satisfied with the off-road tyres that you buy if you follow the suggestions above. Contact a tyre professional, such as those at O'Neills Tyres, for further assistance in case you are unable to decide which particular brand to buy in case several options meet the criteria discussed above.